About Coupvray Co.

Coupvray Co. was envisioned to be the premier outlet for all things fashion. We have always made it a company priority to offer only the most luxurious products at the best possible prices to our loyal customers. By working directly with worldwide suppliers, we are able to reduce our costs by cutting out any middlemen. As such, we are able to give our loyal customers luxury-quality products at low costs. 


Free Products

Since the inception of Coupvray Co., over 10,000 customers have referred our high-quality and free-of-charge products to their friends and family. We rely on our customers spreading the word about our products to grow our business. As happy customers continue to refer their friends and family to Coupvray Co., we are able to gain a profit from the sale of paid products. To date, nearly half of our customers have returned to our store to purchase paid products. This business model allows our business to grow while still being able to offer customers luxury products at low costs. All we ask is that you pay a small shipping fee per item (for free products only) and to spread the word to your friends and family!


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